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Finium Friendly Wall


Noble; Breezeway Collection

Finium Friendly Wall


Skye;  Blaven Collection

Finium Friendly Wall


Classic : Walnut Collection

Finium Friendly Wall


Noble : Hillside Collection

( Reclaimed Barn Wood)

Finium Friendly Wall


Noble; Brace Collection

Finium Friendly Wall


Noble ; Hayloft Collection

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Finium Installation Video

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Environmentally Responsible

More Than Just Words


  • No part of the tree is wasted
  • 100% of our raw timber is sourced from sustainably managed North American forests
  • 100% of the varnishes and oils we use are continuously recycled and reused throughout the production cycle
  • 100% of our products are designed to optimize the use of resources and minimize losses
  • All our production residues are processed and reused
  • We use post-industrial wood waste in our manufacturing process
  • We use low VOC natural oil and solvent-free 100% solids UV coating
  • Our products have very low VOC emissions (0.00 to 0.04 kg/L)
  • We use formaldehyde-free adhesives and other products